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MizumaRi (serum)

MizumaRi (serum)

  • Mizumari(serum)

     A triple concentrated version of antioxidant power for glowing, youthful looking skin!
    A 100% organic antioxidant serum from Wano Country Cosmetic.

     The older I get, the more I want to have beautiful skin.
    For those of you who wish for this, we offer MizumaRi gel serum.

     MizumaRi serum is made from cosmetic ingredients that specialize in antioxidant power. It is a gel-type serum with three times the concentration of antioxidant functional water, which prevents skin aging and leads to firm, elastic, youthful skin.

     100% organic, with no chemicals, preservatives or animal ingredients.
    It can be used safely by everyone from babies to the elderly, and even those with sensitive or atopic skin.

     Get the skin of your dreams with MizumaRi gel serum!

    [Major Ingredients]
    Antioxidant functional water: Inhibits cellular oxidation and has an anti-aging effect. Hyaluronic acid: Moisturizes the skin and maintains firmness and elasticity. Glycerin: Moisturizes and softens the skin. Silicic acid (Na/Mg): Maintains healthy skin and improves skin texture. Sodium phosphate 2: Regulates the skin's pH balance.

    [The four charms of MizumaRi serum]
    Antioxidant functional water with 3 times the concentration of antioxidant power: Inhibits cellular oxidation and improves wrinkles and sagging.
    Pack effect: Feels like your whole face is wrapped in a pack. Keeps your skin in a slightly acidic state for a long time.
    100% organic: Contains no chemicals, preservatives or animal ingredients, so it is safe for those with sensitive or atopic skin.
    Can be used by everyone from babies to the elderly: It puts less strain on the skin, so anyone can use it with confidence.

     [How to use]
    Twice a day, morning and evening, before going out and after taking a bath.
    Apply one pump directly to the forehead, both cheeks, nose and neck, then use one finger to smooth over the entire face.
    Direct pushing will exert more antioxidant power.
    Of course, you can also put it on your hands and then apply it to your entire face.

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